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We are the kind of firm that has uncompromising convictions, that gets to the bottom line, and that believes people deserve to know the truth about every single aspect of their cases. We believe in making things less complicated so that our clients can sleep easily, or at least more easily, knowing that we are handling things with a focus on solutions that get their cases to the finish line. We believe in working hard. We are aggressive and efficient, and we provide real value to our clients so that they never have to question the choice they made to hire us. All of these things are simply part of our firm culture.


When Benjamin Older and Michael Lundy founded Older & Lundy in 2003, they set out to build a firm offering superior legal services and a fresh, innovative approach. This focus helped the firm grow rapidly, earn a notable reputation, and become a leader in Marital and Family Law.

In 2015, Older & Lundy welcomed Rick Alvarez to the firm due to his excellence in Personal Injury and Business Litigation, and became Older Lundy & Alvarez.

Older Lundy & Alvarez has attracted high-quality, committed lawyers and have continued their training, development and growth with the firm. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds and experiences. That means no matter the client or the legal situation, Older Lundy & Alvarez will deliver a customized solution tailored to meet each individual need.

Our core values at Older Lundy & Alvarez are reliability, integrity and hard work. These values are among the many reasons our clients trust us to represent not only them, but also to represent their family members, friends, clients and colleagues.

Our Values

Reliability: You need responsive and reliable attorneys. You can count on us to return every phone call and to be your advocate around the clock. Your case is our priority. We are always available to assist you with your case. You will have our cell phone numbers in case you need to reach us after regular business hours or over the weekend.

Integrity: You need an honest attorney. We will be forthright with you about your case and about how we believe it can be resolved. We are transparent and straightforward. You deserve to know the truth about every single aspect of your case; no matter what. We are committed to serving you with the highest level of professionalism we'd expect for ourselves.

Hard work: You need an attorney who will work harder than the other guy. We outwork everyone. We want you to sleep easier at night. Our gifted staff and dedicated attorneys have uncompromising commitment. We are aggressive, efficient, and we never settle for second best. There simply is no substitute for hard work.

Areas of Practice

Marital and Family Law

Our Marital and Family Law practice is comprised of six highly skilled, experienced attorneys and a full-time forensic accountant who work exclusively in the area of marital and family law.

Because of the size of our family law team, we can staff your case with multiple attorneys. This team approach creates exceptional efficiency and helps us tackle any issue head-on. We are extremely responsive to our clients, the Court, and the opposing attorneys. Some cases require a very fast turnaround time. We can make any deadline and handle any emergency.
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Business Litigation

Business litigation at Older Lundy & Alvarez involves clients whose companies are anticipating or mired in disputes with other entities, such as competitors or vendors, or involves clients who own all or part of a company being mismanaged by others, such as its directors or officers.

The firm has successfully represented leaders in a wide variety of industries through its pursuit of ideal and oftentimes innovative solutions to complex problems. Older Lundy & Alvarez understands that a client’s business plan, balance sheet, and competitive profile are critical elements for success in or outside of formal litigation. However, when trial becomes necessary, the firm’s attorneys, forensic team and staff bring experience and skill to the courtroom.
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Personal Injury

Our lawyers combine real world common sense and seasoned legal experience to provide you with aggressive, conscientious representation.

Our deep seated understanding of personal injury law ensures that every detail of your case is addressed. During the past 10 years, our personal injury team has recovered nearly $100 million dollars for our clients. In the worst of times, we are your steady, reassuring advocate.
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Estate Probate Law

Critical to our estate planning clients is how their assets will be distributed to beneficiaries at the time of their passing, as well as ensuring that our clients' loved ones know and understand how our clients wish to be treated in the event they are left incapacitated.

When there is an estate plan in place, a person has greater control over what happens to his/her estate and provides loved ones with far more reassurance and peace of mind during what can be a very difficult time.
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Corporate Tax Law

As part of our corporate practice, we often act in a cost-effective and efficient general counsel role, providing advice and counsel on day-to-day legal issues, including contractual matters, corporate governance matters and various other legal issues that arise in the ordinary operation of our clients' businesses.

There can be much riding on the outcome of a tax controversy. A notice of deficiency, audit, tax assessment or unpaid tax debt can create serious financial problems. Our tax practice involves a variety of functions.
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Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Practice Group handles all types of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our attorneys are comfortable handling resident sales and purchases of all types of real estate, as well as complex real estate developments, easement issues, residential and commercial lease transactions, water rights, and mortgage negotiation and enforcement.
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